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DAY 1, December 5, 2018


Latvia, Jūrmala, Jomas iela 47/49 “Hotel Jūrmala SPA”


09:30 Registration and morning coffee 30 min Seaside bar, 11th floor
10:00 General welcome 05 min Conference room “Rainis”, 11th floor
  PART 1    
10:05 Introduction of meeting goals, agenda, participants 10 min V.Avotins, director of VIRAC
10:15 Overview of the BALTICS project 30 min V.Avotins, director of VIRAC and project manager of BALTICS
10:45 Introduction of LOFAR technology and science 30 min R. Vermeulen, ASTRON and director ILT
11:05 Introduction of eMERLIN and data science, MUST 20 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
11:25 Coffee break 15 min Seaside bar, 11th floor
  PART 2    
11:40 Overview of outreach activities (WP2) 10 min B.Reimane, project coordinator of BALTICS, VIRAC
11:50 Introduction and description of WP3 20 min R.Witvers (ASTRON)
12:10 RF Development courses 10 min R.Pauliks (VIRAC)
12:20 Phased Array Digital Signal Processing courses 10 min R.Pauliks (VIRAC)
12:30 Current POLFAR Consortium Activities 15 min A.Krankowski (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland)
12:45 Lessons learned from I-LOFAR. Space weather. 15 min P.T.Gallager (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland)
13:00 Lunch 60 min Restaurant Jūrmala, 1st floor
  PART 3    
14:00 RF Design 20 min G.Dreifogels (VIRAC)
14:20 Hands-on LOFAR hardware and its maintenance 20 min M.Bleiders, M.Donerblics (VIRAC)
14:40 Hands-on Usage of UniBoard Digital Signal Processing Board 20 min A.Orbidans, K.Luksis (VIRAC)
15:00 Introduction to the LOFAR Long Baselines 10 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
15:10 The Long Baseline Working Group: LB calibration 20 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
15:30 Coffee break 15 min Seaside bar, 11th floor
  PART 4    
15:45 Catalogue manipulation and models in the pipeline. 10 min A.Nikolajevs (VIRAC)
15:55 Progress in LBCS 10 min A.Nikolajevs (VIRAC)
16:05 Science with gravitational lenses 15 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
16:20 e-Merlin imaging of 0631_519: development of polarisation calibration 15 min K.Prusis (VIRAC)
16:35 Advanced imaging: SDP activities and the SKA 20 min T.Cantwell  (UMAN)
16:55 The envisaged future cooperation on developing advanced imagining 10 min T.Cantwell (UMAN)
17:05 New projects from the November workshop 10 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
17:15 Coffee break 15 min Seaside bar, 11th floor
17:30 General results delivered, and lessons learned 30 min V.Avotins, director of VIRAC and project manager of BALTICS
18:00 Closing BALTICS General Assembly    

DAY 2, December 6, 2018


„Catalysation of new generation radio telescope – LOFAR station in Irbene user network”

Ventspils, Irbene, Ventspils International Radioastronomy Center

11:00 Arrival and welcome coffee 20 min  
11:20 General welcome 05 min V. Avotins, director VIRAC
11:25 Introduction of meeting goals 10 min V. Avotins, director VIRAC
11:35 Round-table of participants 05 min All
11:40 Introduction of current VIRAC activities at Ventspils and Irbene 15 min V. Avotins, director VIRAC
11:55 Imaging, path to SKA, SDP. Eur. Regional centre 15 min T.Cantwell  (UMAN)
12:10 The NenuFAR project 15 min P.Zarka (CNRS – Observatoire de Paris – PLS)
12:25 Collaboration opportunities in building low frequency antenna arrays 15 min M.Riabov (Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine)
12:40 Simple Module for Building of the Low-Frequency Antenna Arrays 15 min O.Ulyanov (Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine)
12:55 GURT Subarray: Structure and Characteristics 15 min S.Yerin (Institute of Radio Astronomy of NAS of Ukraine)
13:10 LOFAR data interpretation challenges. 15 min E. Tikhonov (AbavaNet technology)
13:25 Science with radio recombination lines in vicinity of young massive stars 15 min M.S.Kirsanova (Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN))
13:40 Lunch (visiting Irbene infrastructure) 1h 20min  
15:00 Development and plans for Irbene station use 15 min V. Avotins, director, VIRAC
15:15 LOFAR station construction 10 min R. Halfwerk (AstroTec)
15:25 LOFAR2.0 upgrade plans. Space Weather and other novel research 30 min R. Vermeulen (ASTRON)
15:55 The ILT organization 15 min C. Baldovin (ASTRON)
16:10 Experiences with traineeships at ASTRON 10 min R. Vermeulen (ASTRON)
16:20 BALTICS lessons learned 10 min V.Avotins, project manager, BALTICS
16:30 Coffee break 10 min  
16:40 Discussion: identification of joint science interests 25 min N.Jackson (UMAN)
17:05 Discussion: identification of joint technology interests 25 min Introduced by V. Avotins
17:30 Opportunities for (international) funding 20 min Introduced by V.Avotins, C.Baldovin
17:50 Break 10 min  
18:00 Expressions of interest in exploring collaborations 20 min All
18:20 Any other business / extra time 20 min All
18:40 General summary, future steps 15 min V. Avotins, Director, VIRAC
18:55 Closing   thk
19:30 Shuttle buses from Irbene to Ventspils, Jurmala, Riga with packed dinner on the way 2h 40min  

* There could be slight changes in the event agenda. One week before the event you will be able to download the full agenda.